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Our bodies and minds work in accordance with the rules of nature, in alternating cycles of activity and recovery. Good recovery in the form of rest and sleep is necessary to support the healthy active cycle. The need for sleep is different for each individual depending on their constitution, life-stage and environment, but insomnia, restless sleep or sleep deprivation over an extended period of time can cause increased stress, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain/loss, loss of mental capacity and in general a decrease in quality of life. Finding a healthy sleep-rythm is important for everyone to maintain their physicial and mental wellbeing, vitality and happiness.

OPFE & OriLax

Research and Development

Our OPFE company culture prioritizes research and development (R&D). Every year, we devote all of our human, intellectual, and financial resources to R&D activities in order to produce more and better products.

Stephania Rotunda

Commitment to Quality in Our Products

Stress, mood imbalances, poor sleep quality, and a lackluster experience in the bedroom: too long have women’s everyday health struggles been ignored or dismissed as unavoidable.

We’re on a mission to change that with products that work with your body to improve your overall well-being. Because when we feel good, we connect more with ourselves, with our partners, and with our community.

Tapping into our superpower of connection is not only the key to a meaningful life, but also a healthier world.